A Reason to Celebrate

  David poses next to one of his framed collage pieces he makes using scraps of ripped paper.

 David poses next to one of his framed collage pieces he makes using scraps of ripped paper.

In April 2013, David Whetstone moved into his new home in Cerritos, CA. David had been living at Lanterman Developmental Center in Pomona since the age of four. One of David’s support staff, Michaela Cosley, stated “David has made real connections with us here at his home. He shows excitement and really enjoys laughing with us.” She goes on to explain that David has certainly adjusted well to his new home and his new community. David enjoys shopping, watching airplanes at the Long Beach airport, getting coffee and strawberry lemonade from his favorite restaurants and having friends over for a BBQ. He is eager to help out around his home, too. Michaela reports that David is very helpful with his laundry, taking care of his bedroom, recycling, and cooking a variety of food in his kitchen.

David’s father, Bill Whetstone, lives nearby in La Mirada. “We are just so happy and grateful that David has this opportunity,” reports Bill. He also expressed that he has seen a lot of growth in David and that he is making choices about what he wants to do in his life. “Sometimes we just don’t believe that this is real—it’s just so wonderful,” says Bill. It’s apparent when you meet David that he is extremely comfortable and content—his huge smile is his testimony.

Since moving into his new home, David has also developed a special artistic talent. With help from Michaela and the other support staff, David was able to begin the craft of decoupage. He loves shopping at Michael’s Craft Store for patterned paper and then he tears it into various shapes and puts it on corkboard in a frame. David now has business cards for his craft and has already been commissioned to complete two special pieces. Michaela explains that through trial and error they were able to move David’s propensity to tear things into a meaningful and productive craft.

In July of this year, David celebrated his 50th birthday in his new home. David’s family, friends and support staff gave him a surprise party with a groovy 60s theme. It seems that David and his family have many reasons to celebrate this year—and many more years to come.