Meet Our New Tenants

We are pleased to announce that HOPE has provided a new home to three new tenants at our recently renovated house on Maidstone in Norwalk. The City of Norwalk has been an amazing partner that has supported us through the entire development of this property. With the addition of Maidstone, this brings our capacity of affordable housing up to 12 deserving tenants with developmental disabilities.

Curtis in front of his new home.

Curtis in front of his new home.

Meet Curtis, a young man focused on a bright future. Curtis always sets his sights on a goal and strives to reach it. In high school, Curtis was the wide receiver on his football team at Banning High School in Wilmington, CA. His most memorable and proudest moment came when he caught the football during a game and sprinted as fast as he could down the field for a 35-yard touchdown at the end zone. If you couldn’t tell already, he is an avid fan of football and draws inspiration from his favorite football player Andrew Luck, the starting quarterback of the Indiana Colts. Curtis utilizes his love and passion of sports as a driving force to propel him to reach his goals in life.

Before moving out, Curtis lived in the family home which he shared with three brothers and four older sisters. When he heard of the opening at Maidstone from his counselor, he was overjoyed at the opportunity of living in a HOPE property, which presented: a safe place to live with affordable rent.

Curtis recently finished his schooling at WYTECH with a certificate in heat and air-conditioning and is now seeking an opportunity to work as a technician. There is no doubt that Curtis will stay focused and strive through any obstacles in order to reach his next goal.


Ask Clark, if it’s broken, he can probably fix it. If you’re having problems with your car, Clark can tell you what might be wrong with it. Clark and his dad had made a hobby of fixing cars in the back yard of their home. Hopeless cased cars are their specialty: old beaten Ford vans and rusty Plymouth Trail Dusters just to name a few.

Try to guess what he studied while he was still in high school, auto mechanics? Yes. And he is also adding welding to his resume and expertise while attending Long Beach City College. After graduation, he plans to look for work as a mechanic or a welder at an auto body shop.

He loves living at Maidstone because he is experiencing living in his own space for the first time in his life. He has never had roommates before, but is enjoying getting to know Curtis and his other roommate. He is very grateful for HOPE and is extremely happy to have a place that he could call his own.


Moving into a new place can be a great and exciting new chapter in a person’s life. When beginning this huge transition, it becomes difficult to afford the furnishings needed to transform a house into a home. HOPE wants to be able to give our developmentally disabled residents the opportunity to feel at home like everybody else, but we can’t do it without your help. As we devote to make a difference and help our tenants reach their goals, may we ask that you consider supporting us through furniture donations?

Why not be the champion who purchases one of these items for these deserving tenants with developmental disabilities?

Help us furnish their house, so it can become a home.

If you would like to help us provide these residents with furnishings, please click here.