New Promo Video Communicates Impact of HOPE Mission

Drum roll please.......HOPE, Inc. is thrilled to officially release our newest promotional video! Our mission to create stable, affordable homes for people with developmental disabilities is so vital. It is important for us to spread the message about the positive impact we can create with the support our donors, volunteers, and community partners. 

This video features parents speaking to their concerns about long-term housing for their children with I/DD and how HOPE offers peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will have safe, permanent housing after they are gone. 

HOPE residents discuss their independence and how they spend their days making choices and living life to the fullest. "I like to to be independent," Jodi says,  "I just kept working on moving out and talking to people I needed to talk to to be able to move out." She mentions how lucky she feels to have such a wonderful home in a great neighborhood at an affordable rent. 

Stable housing is essential to participation in most activities of daily life. HOPE offers that safe, stable housing that empowers our residents to reach their full potential and take advantage of all that life has to offer. 

Through HOPE's three core housing models of 24 Hour Residential Care, Independent Living, and College to Career, we are changing lives! 


To make a donation to support our important work, click here. We currently have more than 200 people with developmental disabilities standing by for their chance to move into a HOPE home.