Independent Living

HOPE Independent Living Homes empower adults with developmental disabilities to live with increased self-reliance without the threat of social isolation. Our residents pay 30% of their income toward rent and receive varying levels of in-house supported services. READ MORE

Homes: 49 | Residents: 105 | Cities: 5 | Assets: $18.8M

24-Hour Residential Care

HOPE 24-Hour Residential Care Homes serve clients with increased medical and behavioral needs. Tenants receive around the clock support from state licensed service providers in safe, comfortable home environments that are certified through CDSS and CDPH. READ MORE

Homes: 52 | Residents: 176 | Cities: 16 | Assets: $32.6M

College to Career (C2C)

Our College to Career Housing provides dorm-like homes for students with developmental disabilities attending a local community college in pursuit of a certificate or degree, and who may require additional on campus and residential supports. READ MORE

Homes: 14 | Residents: 26 | Cities: 1 | Assets: $3.5M