College to Career (C2C)

College to Career (C2C) housing at HOPE is a partnership with the Harbor Regional Center (HRC), Long Beach City College (LBCC), and California MENTOR. This housing provides community college students who have a developmental disability the opportunity to experience a dorm-like housing close to the campus.

Through HRC, California MENTOR, and LBCC, the College to Career program provides a range of educational and supported living services to help individuals experience all that college life has to offer. Students enrolled in the program work toward a certificate or associates degree while learning independent living skills. HOPE's C2C housing sites are located within blocks the Long Beach City College campus.

C2C housing is open to adults 22 and older who received a high school diploma. The goal of this housing is to support the transition of your people with developmental disabilities from through their first independent living experiences, college, and into employment. 


Our College to Career Housing provides dorm-like homes for students with developmental disabilities attending a local community college in pursuit of a certificate or degree, and who may require additional on campus and residential supports. 

Multi family housing

Harbor Regional Center, California MENTOR, and Long Beach City College

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