24-Hour Residential Care

HOPE partners with several Southern California Regional Centers to operate our 24-Hour Residential Care housing model. These homes were originally designed to support people transitioning from State Developmental Centers or in recent years to house adults with more challenging medical or behavioral needs who in years past would likely have been at risk of moving into a Developmental Center.


This housing provides our tenants with increased dignity and choices in how they manage activities of daily living. Having the opportunity to make even the simplest choices, like what to eat for lunch, where to go for recreation, or when to shop for clothing, has a huge impact on one’s life. At HOPE our residents are given a chance to DO things for themselves, see what they are capable of doing, instead of having things done TO them or FOR them.

These homes are leased to select service providers who provide around the clock care. This housing stock will remain in the developmental disability services system permanently; and since HOPE owns them, the tenants can live there as long as they wish, even if the provider of their in-home services should change.


HOPE 24-Hour Residential Care Homes serve clients with medical and behavioral needs. Tenants receive around the clock support from state licensed service providers in safe, comfortable home environments that are certified through the California Department of Social Services and the California Department of Public Health. 

Single family housing

Harbor Regional Center, Frank D Lanterman Regional Center, Westside Regional Center, North Los Angeles Regional Center, and contracted service providers. 

Appleby Property Management

- Artesia - 1
- Bellflower - 3
- Burbank - 4
- Carson - 4
- Cerritos - 3
- Hawthorne - 1
- Lakewood - 2
- Lomita - 2
- Long Beach - 16
- Los Angeles - 4
- North Hills - 3
- Northridge - 2
- South Gate - 2
- Sylmar - 1
- Torrance - 3
- Wilmington - 1
TOTAL - 52

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