Independent Living

HOPE purchases a variety of housing types throughout Southern California for our Independent Living model, such as single-family homes, small multi-family buildings, and condominiums. Following our acquisition of a property, HOPE renovates, maintains, and rents these homes to adults with developmental disabilities at 30% of their income. Each resident has their own bedroom, while they share common spaces like living rooms, kitchens, and yards.


The Regional Center system refers residents, coordinates roommate selection, and provides supported living services through various partner agencies. Supported living services include assistance in meal preparation, help with budgeting and banking, training on how to use public transportation, and help in finding community resources for recreation or other needs. HOPE tenants decide themselves who will provide these services and what those services will be. This improves their self-esteem and self-reliance and gives them the confidence they need to achieve greater success in other areas of their lives such as employment, education, and social development.


HOPE regularly engages in property renovations and upgrades that serve to increase access and ensure our residents live in the highest quality housing. Also, with an ever-growing waiting list of individuals with developmental disabilities that are in need of stable, affordable housing, HOPE is always exploring innovative ways to purchase and renovate new properties to house this vulnerable population.


HOPE Independent Living Homes empower adults with developmental disabilities to live with increased self-reliance without the threat of social isolation. Our residents pay 30% of their income toward rent and receive varying levels of in-house supported services.

Condo, single family housing and multi-family housing

30-50% AMI

- Harbor Regional Center
- Tenant selected and contracted supported living service agencies

Appleby Property Management

- Bellflower - 2
- Lakewood - 1
- Long Beach - 19
- Norwalk - 7
- Torrance - 3
TOTAL - 32

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